miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2012


Hi everyone!
Welcome to our new site.

As I told you , I have prepared some interesting online material for you to review those contents you should already know in six grade. They are some online games  and activities you will enjoy.

Let's revise:

            Days of the week 1
            Days of the week 2

            Days of the week 3

                                                        Months of the year 1

                           Months of the year 2

                           Months of the year 3

   Numbers one to ten (1)
numbers one to te (2)

   Games 1 to 20

   More one to twenty

   Numbers. WHAT TIME IS IT? 

   Do you need some more?

   Twenty to one hundred (1)

   Twenty to one hundred (2)

   Twenty to one hundred (3)